What are Indian weddings without the Shor-gul and the Naach-Gaana.

When it comes to leave a lasting impression of your big day, the wedding entertainment you choose makes all the difference.No Indian Wedding is complete without music and let’s face it, lots of it. With us, you get a bouquet of spectacular shows to choose from to remember your wedding by.

While you are occupied in the ceremonies, leave it to us to entertain your guests. We have onboard superlative talent, both local and high-profile, entertainers which include Bollywood celebrities as well as international artists of repute.hire dance troupes specific to your theme.

Hiring a DJ for your any of your celebrations is a popular practice and it is important to find a professional DJ who can cater to the kind of event you have in mind with the right equipment. Another great option is to hire a live band or musicians to add the perfect harmonious touch to the wedding.

In addition to the traditional music and dance which is a must at any Indian wedding, we also provide Laser Shows, Recitals, Pyrotechnics, Patakas and Dhoom-Dhadaka to set your wedding apart.

So, from that special Sangeet, to the perfect pre-wedding bash right up to a stunning wedding we make sure there is never a dull moment to contend with. Such wedding entertainment options add a special sparkle & fun to the wedding festivities. Let’s Naacho.

Guest Experience Entertainment

Getting to celebrate your special day with the people you love most is one of the best parts about having a wedding. This will give your wedding an intimate feel and depending on the size, will make every person feel as included as the next. Make them feel appreciated and welcomed.

You can also consider engagement activities to entertain your guests and children attending the wedding. There are out of the box entertainment options as follows:


  • Caricature Artists
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Photo booths
  • Spa Set-up’s
  • Flash Mobs
  • Special Children’s Performers etc.

Depending on the kind of wedding you are having.

Another aspect to enhance any wedding event and the entertainment is the lighting, sound and special effects.After all, wedding is a celebration time and it should be treated as such.

Our Entertainment specialist would put together a complete entertainment package within your budget & which fits well with your taste, preference & wedding theme. Whether festivities are spread over a few days or a week, you need entertainment to keep your guests engaged and entertained..