Logistics & Hospitality


Selecting the right venue for your big day can be arduous and getting everyone there is a bigger task. Leave your worries to us.

Not only do we help to select the apt venues for you, we also cater to your every wish and need and personalize them to fit in with your dreams. We will dress up the settings, work on themes most suitable for your wedding and then help you to look after your guests completely.

We all know how exacting Indian weddings can get, with guests arriving from every corner of the country and even from outside! We have that covered too. From picking your guests up with the warmest of welcomes, just as you would have done, to looking after them and dropping them back to the airport after the wedding is over, we do it all in our fleet of cars, cabs and luxury coaches that cover your entire guest list.

In addition, we beautifully design wedding stationary such as baggage tags, itinerary cards, welcome and thank you letters, to room and car hampers as well. We provide the very best in elegant and classy accommodation along with a hospitality desk at each hotel, taking care of the specific needs of every guest. Our coordinators would be working round the clock to bring everyone together for the event right on time so you don’t have to worry at all.

After all, your guest is ours. Atithi Devo Bhava!