7 Popular Wedding Color Palettes of 2022 (+Tips)

Are you still at the planning stage of your wedding? Have you ever wished for a guide to assist you to narrow down colors and themes that best suit the season of your wedding? Relax! You are at the right place.

Here are 7 gorgeous 2022 Wedding Color Palette ideas that will leave you and your guests awe-struck!

1. Neutrals Rule

Creams, beige, and everything in between is a timeless aesthetic that will never go out of trend.  To have a neutral-colored theme wedding does not state that you are restricted to choosing a particular set of hues and color blends. And if creams, tans, and hints of coral seem too simple to you, then you may subtly incorporate moss green for a more ethereal and calming feel.

Tips to Use it:

Don’t overlook the power of accents that organic décor such as greenery and raw wood holds! Think about how a garland of ivy beautifying a linen chuppah or a sprig of ferns positioned in a napkin setting can augment the natural aspect such as a neutral color palette for weddings.

2. Raw Earthy Shades

Make your wedding day color choice reflect Mother Earth’s inherent beauty. The emerging earthy shades are the darker accent tones – cognacs, yellows, umber, olive greens, and rust. This wedding color theme idea adds richness and depth to your events.

Earthy tones for weddings can be used around the year, even in summer and spring weddings. The colors merge beautifully in the fall. In winter, it adds warmth to a set-up. Then in spring, it feels different and refreshing.

Tips to Use it:

With a dearth of upbeat colors, adding different materials and textures will be enormously significant to enhance dimension and visual interest to an assortment of earthy shades. Details like metallic pieces, luxurious linens, and bleached greenery will keep the structure from falling dispirited.

3. Elegant Jewel Tones

Vibrant jewel-toned colors like dark teal, citrine yellow, emerald green, and burgundy will be making a big presence in 2022. “This wedding jewel-themed palate is powerful and bold, and can be elegantly incorporated into almost any wedding celebration,” says (please insert owner’s name). Given its understated splendor and timeless elegance, this color combination has been a time-honored wedding staple.

Tips to Use it:

If you are hosting an outdoor wedding ceremony in the countryside like an equestrian farm, mountain ski lodge, or winery these regal jewel tones are an excellent choice. Moreover, to add texture and richness to this warm color palette, include accents like gold flatware and velvet linens in your tablescape.

4. Bohemian Diaries

Dear brides and bridegrooms, are you looking to make your wedding a lifelong memory?

Then go for the 2022 wedding trend – dark and moody bohemian and rustic color palette. The shades of terra cotta, dark orange, and rust are sure to set a magical and romantic ambiance. Between the boho wedding vibes and wildly and lovely blooms, fill your D-day with eclectic spirit and warmth.

Tips to Use it:         

From formal autumn soirées to rustic barn weddings, the boho and rustic colors are a fit for a number of ceremonies. It is all about how you want it to blend and create a tranquil wedding venue.

5. Dynamic Hues

How can we miss the latest tone that Pantone created and termed it as the Color of the Year 2022very peri color. From wedding bouquets and invitations to bridesmaid gowns, this periwinkle-inspired color is already making waves in wedding decor and fashion. Incorporating blush and light blue tones with very peri (Pantone 17-3938) into any event will work wonders in all the seasons.

Tips to Use it:

You can integrate this 2022 wedding color scheme idea by utilizing details like silk bouquet ribbons, chinoiserie plates, colored glassware, and obviously flowers like sweet peas, delphinium, scabiosa, and hydrangeas.

6. Serenity Magnified

Dusty blue color has taken the wedding business by storm with its lovely and classy appeal. Pairing it with gleaming golden yellow and fresh fern green will weave a fete that is hard to forget. From bridesmaid dresses and bouquets to ceremony decorations, this serene color theme idea for 2022 has endless possibilities.

Tips to Use it:

This amalgamation of alluring and soothing hues creates a unique wedding color palette for anyone getting married at the end of one term and the commencement of another.

7. Majestic Charm

How about getting married in a European countryside setup? Sounds dreamy and enchanting, right?

You can inculcate the sophisticated charm of such a wedding style by using a combination of French blue and lavender at your celebration. Additionally, when these fascinating wedding colors get paired with vintage white, enhances the sublime feel of the season. This combination is supremely fresh yet chic!

Tips to Use it:

To keep up with this scenic color theme, opt for lighter fabrics like silk, tulle, and chiffon. Also, dark-colored dinnerware against gentle table linens will have your wedding attendees talking.

Bottom Line

The wedding color scheme is one of the preliminary things you would want to confirm since it impacts everything from the wedding décor to invitations and flower arrangements to attire.

From the above-mentioned wedding color palette ideas for 2022, choose the quintessential hues for your big day. Still, feeling undecided? Team Weddings Across have all you need to strategize your ceremonies from beginning to ending, using stunning tones for your dream-like perfect wedding.



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