Top 10 wedding ideas trending right now.

An Indian wedding is always a grand affair and why not, it’s not every day that you get married, it’s once in a lifetime occasion and so it must be planned well and grand. Also, every year brings new trends to follow at your wedding, apart from the bride’s wedding dress and photo shoots, there are a lot of elements you can add in the usual ceremonies to entertain your guests and pep up the whole mood.

And if you are planning your wedding this year you must be looking for some fun ideas to make your wedding memorable and we are happy to help you do just that. Here are the latest trends to make your wedding more thrilling.

1. It’s not just an invitation

 Wedding invitations have evolved tremendously in the last couple of years and after the infamous reception invite of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding last December, creative theme based wedding invitation cards are back in business. People are experimenting with engraved stones, latex and even wooden crafts to make their wedding invite interesting and more appealing.

2. Violets are in

Violet is the color for this year. You will find shades of purple at weddings all over the world this year, whether it is the theme color of your wedding, flower decoration or color of your wedding garland. Violate theme is also being used in wedding invites.

3. Small, Simple and Significant

 Although weddings have always been a grand affair in India, but many couples these days are avoiding large gathering and opting for a small gathering at their wedding with close family members and friends only.

4.A photo booth and props to amuse

 Photo booths started trending in 2017 and have become almost an essential element in 2018 weddings. Social media has made it almost obligatory for everyone to get some cool pictures of events going on in their lives, therefore an artful and creative photo booth with quirky props will keep your guests entertained for hours and everyone will have pictures from your wedding to remember.

5.A fancy dance floor

Entertainment is the most important factor to be taken care of in an Indian wedding. Wedding planners are finding the most innovative and creative ways to make your wedding decoration more interesting and engaging. A unique dance floor not only adds up to the elaborated theme, but also amps up the performances.

6.Flower it up 

Be it Virat and Anushka’s wedding last year or Milind and Ankita’s recent wedding this year, we are in love with the outdoor settings with a ravishing floral decoration and greenery all around. Let your guests experience the heavenly bliss of nature.

7.Pomp it up with colors

 Indian weddings are all about exuberance and mirth. So what can be a better way than to Pomp up your mehndi and haldi ceremonies with vibrant and colorful decoration. Instead of making it all bright and colorful, you can also select a certain area you want to outshine or just some quirky props like colorful umbrellas or dream catchers in a subtle setting.

8. Bollywood bonanza

 If you are a big Bollywood fan and want your wedding to have that eccentric Bollywood touch, you can add some fun Bollywood elements like a red carpet or an award night. You can also select a Bollywood theme wedding with a lots glitter and shine and posters of your favorite movie stars.

9.It’s a Royal deal 

Every Indian girl has dreamed of a royal wedding in a palace like vicinity. An imperial decoration and setting can never go out of fashion. A royal chandelier with other red and golden accessories gives your wedding a regal touch.

10.Classic British it is 

Just like the royal theme, we can never get bored of a quintessential English vintage theme with a subtle white theme color with rustic wooden furniture. You can also use some vivid and bright flower decorations or some vintage props in pastel colors to add a little pep to the theme.

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