Top 7 Trendiest Wedding Trends of 2022

When it comes to wedding planning, doing research also includes learning about the latest wedding trends. Wedding styles are influenced by a number of things, both directly and indirectly – responses to the COVID-19 outbreak and post-lockdown lifestyles.

Today’s generation focuses more on sustainability, worries of events that are beyond our control, sentimental social media trends, and so on. To ease your task of making your D-day memorable, we have listed the 7 trendiest wedding trends that you can consider in 2022.

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1. Studded with Neon Signs

Studded with Neon Signs

Your wedding decor has to be stunning, trendy, and one-of-a-kind. A new decor concept has just swept social media by storm, and we believe you should try it for your wedding festivities as well – introducing LED neon signage. Couples used to prefer boards and plaques with amusing phrases but now LED signs have taken their place. The quotes like ‘the beginning of forever’ and ‘to infinity and beyond’, will leave all of your guests speechless!

2. Unconventional Portrait Ideas

Unconventional Portrait Ideas

Wedding photoshoot trends have shifted dramatically in the last few years, and we are completely enamored with the magic that wedding photographers are conjuring in the name of snapshots. From breath-taking bridal portraits to offbeat groom shots, the extent of creativity today’s photographers have reached will astound you.

3. Destination and Staycation Wedding

Destination and Staycation Wedding

After months of at-hometown marriage events, the loosening of travel restrictions in most regions has been fantastic news for people all over the globe, especially couples, who can now organize their dream weddings at their favorite destinations. Domestic wedding venues are also becoming more popular. Wedding hosts plan a ‘Staycation Wedding’ that is both entertaining and relaxing.

Pro Tip:

Remember to obey the travel restrictions and health recommendations of the destinations you visit, as well as health precautions, to celebrate your festivities safely.

4. Hashtags for Your Gram

Hashtags for Your Gram

To create your D-day more remarkable, you certainly need to craft your unique wedding hashtags. It is a fun and simple way to trademark your wedding while also keeping track of all of your event images and social media activity.

Your friends and relatives are likely to take photos and post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. These attractive wedding hashtags will let you find events’ snaps and videos on social media platforms in seconds!

5. Digital Invitation Card

Digital Invitation Card

Wedding invitations have become more fashionable than ever. The latest idea trending in wedding events is to send digital invitations. Who says you have to print save-the-dates and wedding invitations?

Adopting paperless invitation cards is an excellent way to cut costs, and these digital wedding invites can be just as beautiful as paper-based ones. You can create wedding cards in the form of a video invitation online. Another option for publishing these invitation cards is to get them printed on plant-based, recycled, or seed paper.

Pro Tip:

Your wedding invitation card is sure to depict your delightful love story. So, opt for a design that expresses the theme of your big day or replicates who you are as a couple.

6. Rustic or Vintage Wedding Color Palette

Rustic or Vintage Wedding Color Palette

With a rust wedding, you can create a vintage mood that might be the buzz of the season. Rust-themed ceremonies are one of the newest wedding trends for 2022, with earthy colors and a bohemian vibe. For this type of wedding style, monochromatic color choices in orange, rust, or blush are ideal. For contrast, you might also use neutral tones like black or white.

7. Eco-Friendly Wedding Events

Eco-Friendly Wedding Events

Because of climate change and natural disasters, many couples are consciously organizing their big day by keeping the environmental impact in mind. Today, there are many wedding-planning companies, vendors, and venues that offer eco-friendly wedding alternatives. From recycled paper invitations to farm-to-table food options, you are sure to find a variety of options when arranging your eco-friendly and sustainable wedding.

Pro Tip:

Carbon emissions have a significant impact on human activities. So shop locally and hold wedding-related functions at one event to reduce movement. As alternatives, consider the wedding flower trends and wedding venues that encourage composting and recycling. Moreover, you can choose chalkboard or acrylic signage, recycled materials, and reusable glass.

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QR Codes

QR codes enable engaged spouses to do a variety of things, such as share their journey through videos, photos, or any other digital products that demonstrate the narration of their story, allow guests to RSVP online, and show the exact location of the venue. Moreover, you can make your guests more comfortable by letting them get the dinner menu and program timeline at the touch of their screen by scanning a QR code.

Bottom Line

Treat your loved ones with authentic cuisines, awe-inspiring entertainment, and beautiful aesthetics by following one or all the above-mentioned trendiest wedding trends of 2022.

As we witness, from decor to venues, everything is evolving; so, what are your plans to make your dream wedding a reality? Connect with us and let us help you organize and execute the ‘oh-so-perfect wedding.’



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